Fire system / Swing Fireworks Console for electric fireworks, cold fire for Stage Fountains

Rotate (Stage & Jai Mala) We hold expertise in offering wonderful Firework Services on various occasions including Wedding Parties, Concerts, Stage Shows, etc.

The rotating fireworks console, could be installed 6 pcs of indoor fireworks. With the wireless controller, fireworks can be fired single or together at the same time, can work still or rotate on stage, likes a blooming lotus flowers in the stage.

Product Details

Power Supply 12V (8 pcs of 1.5V battery)
Power 12 W
Channels 6 Channels
Control mode Wireless control
Size 25.5*25.5*24.5 cm
Weight 2.65 Kg
Fittings Wireless controller

Warranty Details: No Replacements No Returns.